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Behind the Modern Hippi Logo

The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows…And the strongest geometric shape that exists is the triangle. Combine these two elements together and you have the meaning behind the Modern Hippi Logo. A white triangle and black triangle fused together make the Modern Hippi pyramid. 

Being a Modern Hippi is all about becoming the eclipse. Taking both the light and dark aspects of your personality and combing them to become the ultimate version of yourself. 

It is our belief, that in order to be the most balanced version of yourself, one must do the following:


  1. Integrate your shadow: Neglecting the shadow aspect of your personality can be a very dangerous game to play. Just as far as a pendulum swings to the right, it must swing equally far to the left. We live in a society that seems to focus only on the “good”. But we forget that the more we keep trying to keep our shadows at bay, the more that version of you leeks out in situations you didn’t expect. Have you ever experience a version of yourself you didn’t even know existed? Remember, that things that are covered up fester. Learn to channel your shadow into something positive and avoid it from leaking out in unwanted situations.


  1. Be balanced in mind, body, spirit. Be the strongest version of you by creating the energy of the triangle within YOU, by being balance in mind.body.spirit.  When you focus too much on one or two categories, the human vessel can’t help but feel off balance. Have you ever worked too much competed neglected your physical body? Have you ever been too active but gave your soul no mental nourishment? .

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