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Blue Butterfly Dream by Jhailyn Mariel

Blue Butterfly Dream is an art installation created by the design team at Caba Creatives, located at the entrance Berkeley Oceanfront hotel in Asbury Park, New Jersey.



As you make your way to the entrance of the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel, you'll be whisked away into a dreamy wonderland. There are 333 hand painted butterflies strung from fishing wire.
The number 333 represents the time to fulfill a new path, the time for new beginnings. Your ideas are supported and encouraging you to follow your passion. Following your passions will bring you success and fulfillment. 


The butterflies delicately hang from a cloud mural, inspiring positive thoughts and emanating peaceful vibrations as they shimmer in the light. Blue butterflies represent joy, a change in luck, and wishes fulfilled. They serve as a reminder to be at peace with your life.

To your right and left, the arches are lined with custom LED cloud installations that are programmed to different patterns on a given day. The range goes from a candiland dream world, to a red sky, or just a sunny peaceful day. The original couches have been replace with a more "cloud" style couch. 


The concept for Blue Butterfly Dream was born on June 22, 2021 at about 1pm. The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel had long since wanted to incorporate the butterfly into their design to pay homage to the building's architecture. 

Berkeley Carteret Hotel, Asbury Park, NJ | Asbury park, Berkeley hotel,  Asbury

As pictured, the four wings resemble wings of a butterfly. The hotel expressed a desire to create a space that inspired joy and peace.  After discussing many ideas, the vision was born. A sparkly dreamy butterflyscape, surrounded by a hand painted wall mural, fluffy cloud installations, and custom LED lighting.

To create this dreamscape, Caba Creatives Team came together to work quickly and have the project completed before Fourth of July weekend.The concept and designs were conceptualized by Jhailyn Mariel Puello based on ideas and requests by Albie Manzo in conjunction with the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel.


Custom lighting design was completed by Caba Creatives production manager, Justin Cochrane.  The installation commenced on June 28th of 2021 and was completed on July 1st at 6am. Take a photo with the dreamscape and #bluebutterflydream for your chance to win a custom 16 x 20 pop surrealism painting by Jhailyn valued at $500. Contest ends October 31, 2021.

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