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Private Home Vinyasa Yoga Session

Private Home Vinyasa Yoga Session

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Experience the benefit of having one-on-one time with a private yoga instructor at a time that fits your schedule. For just $25 a person you can book a private session in your home.

One-on-one attention can help you:

  • develop strength
  • improve flexibility
  • facilitate weight loss
  • promote restful sleep
  • decrease physical and mental stress
  • instill body alignment tips for a safe practice

Each session includes:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Essential Oils

Session is 1 hour long. Scheduling is flexible to fit your busy lifestyle. Currently servicing New Jersey clients. Other tri-state area clients are subject to travel fees. Please email info@modern-hippi.com with any questions you may have. 

About Vinyasa Yoga:

Vinyasa yoga is also known as "flow" yoga because of the smooth way the poses come together. Poses are strung together in a seamless sequence to create a practice where you are constantly moving.